Nogne O - Andhrímnir Barley Wine

Country Norway
Style Barleywine 82
In Stock In Stock Clarksville
Out of Stock New Albany
Available in 22oz bottles
Andhrimnir is the chef in Norse Mythology. Every day in Valhallo, he slaughters the beast S√ƒƒ√,¬¶hr√ƒƒ√,¬≠mnir and cooks it in Eldhrimnir, his cauldron. It is also the winner of Norwegian national championship for homebrewers. We at N√ƒƒ√,¬łgne √ƒƒ— want to make this great barley wine available commercially, so beer drinkers will have an opportunity to experience the best Norwegian homebrew. Though made in N√ƒƒ√,¬łgne √ƒƒ— brewery, this beer was brewed by its creator, Gahr Smith-Gahrsen. Ingredients: Grimstad water, malted barley, hops, yeast. 65 IBU.

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