Maestro Dobel - Diamond Tequila

Type Tequila
In Stock In Stock Clarksville
In Stock New Albany
Available in 750ml bottles
The purpose behind the tequila’s concept is to create a unique, clear tequila that is free of congeners (“hangover makers”) but has the seductive taste of oak. The result is impressive and surprising if you don’t know the story before your first sip. This concept is also useful for marketing and the reason “Diamond” is in the name. The tagline reads, “The First-Ever Diamond Tequila” and they use that to explain the tequila’s 4 C’s: clarity, complexity, crispness and craftsmanship. The complexity and crispness are there for obvious reasons (blending and aged agave respectively) and the craftsmanship clearly defines the genius and care behind the spirit but if you want to know the secret behind the clarity, forget it, the filtration process is “proprietary” and whatever it is it works.

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